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Amber Murphy

Fantastic device, excellent for having along in your car, truck or camper.

Aaron Foster

Works great, charges fast, worth every penny. I would recommend and buy again.

Beatrice Carpenter

 The first thought about this unit is: “wow, this is military grade!”. The build quality is the best I have seen in these kind of units, very sturdy and rigid.

Terry Banks

Design for outdoors.This product would be good for camping and outdoor adventures.


This is a Great Item to Own in case you ever have a power outage. Lately, power outages have been plaguing my state. This back up solar charger is ideal for when power goes out and I need to charge the kids tablets, phones, and any other emergency device. This device has made me buy rechargable battery devices to plug in case I ever need batteries for my flashlights or radio. 

Frank McDonald

This is a gift from my friend. This thing is a BEAST!!!
I’ve been charging my phone for a week and it’s only down 20% of capacity, which is just charging the device and powering the speakers. The power station user manual is very delicate, and the instructions are simple but understandable. 

Kelly Miller

I absolutely love this thing! I bought this because the family always has lots of stuff they want to power when we are on vacation. Whether we are hitting the road in the RV, or roughing it in a tent, this is a very handy device to have around. 

Melissa Paterson

Wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I received the Power Station I was not disappointed! Went camping for a short trip- the power station was able to power a 20 inch TV, charge our phone/computers and power a electric griddle to cook breakfast- all at the same time. 

Gregory Tulson